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Bio Cleaning Solutions

Probiotic cleaning products are live products that feed on organic matter. When you spray the probiotics onto a surface, you release billions of the “good” bacteria that get deep into cracks and crevices to seek out food (dirt), so they are actively cleaning for at least three days from a single application.

Cleaning Methods with Steam cleaning

We clean your environment with the best cleaning methods and using bio cleaning products such as Probiotic and professional steam machines. Some examples of the professional cleaning methods that the specialists of Knol Global use are:

Deep cleaning
Surface cleaning
Carbon dioxide cleaning
Dry cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Solutions Worldwide

Knol Cleaning Solutions in the Netherlands goes global. We are a professional, fast-growing company. Our specialists are engaged in repair, cleaning and preventive maintenance of fixed floor coverings and carpets. Our well-trained employees are aware of the latest steaming cleaning methods and are happy to assist you. We work throughout the Netherlands and worldwide.

Cleaning Solutions with Probiotic

Regular cleaning products are not always environmentally and user-friendly. In addition, some cleaning products contain corrosive or irritating substances, which can make their use a nuisance. Fortunately, there are safe alternatives available in the form of organic cleaners. These products contain probiotics and their action is based on the biological activity of these micro-organisms.

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Bio Cleaning with Knol Shield

Nowadays Bio Clean is priority in the Cleaning Industry. Therefor we use high quality Eco-friendly products for our customers and the environment. Cleaning with Probiotic, cleaning with "good" bacteria.

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